Grade With Ease App

Grade with Ease is an app for iPad This app stores your classes and student names; you can even input your own grading system and criteria. When you are finished you can print a grading rubric to an AirPrint enabled printer and/or save a PDF copy to your iCloud Drive.

That is the thesis for Grade with Ease

Grade with Ease was developed over a school year and summer by a fellow teacher. He even added a personal note in the setting of the app.

Bottom right corner ( i ) icon.

And it reads

“Thanks must be given to my best friends. The creation of this app would not have been possible without the instruction and guidance on grading rubrics from my friend Josh, over a decade ago in Grad School. I must also thank my colleague Paul for his daily encouragement and faith in my abilities.

Finally deep thanks must be given to my wife for her love, encouragement, and on-going trust in my abilities. This trust was evident by her support of my countless hours of working late nights after a full teaching day as a Professor. To summarize, I love technology, I love the challenges of learning new things, and I love creating something that others can use day after day. It is rewarding for me to share my work and God given gifts and abilities with others, so please enjoy and thank you for supporting my work.”

It is priced at a coffee rate $2.99, to support my love of technology, and creative work. If you really like it and use it every day it has an in-app purchase of $4.99 to add more classes.

Please go to and click on the Download on the App Store Button.

Thank you