A new responsive measurement found in antiquity

We find ourselves excited by the future of the web, by the aesthetic pleasures of great web typography, by new gadgets for viewing mobile content, and by the increased bandwidth for media consumption. These exciting things demand responsive design, dynamically changing web content, and an almost exponential growth in knowledge and skill sets from us. However, measurement units used by web designers are not overly dynamic, relative, or responsive; rather, they are fixed to a dot size, default browser settings, or simple percentages.

Why is this an issue? Because of the ever-growing list of different browsers and devices for viewing web content. The most common solutions are to create multiple css files, make conditional alternatives for different browsers, or construct a plethora of @media steps within a single design. The end result is an ever-growing infrastructure that is hard to maintain. Perhaps a new unit of measurement is needed for a ratio driven responsive design? Not found in the newest iPad or mobile device pixel density, but instead, in nature, Greek architecture, and art history.


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